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   Return policy if I'm not satisfied? Since I haven't actually seen a picture of the replica louis vuitton uk, I don't want to spend 239.00 on it & it not be what I am looking for. I feel sure that it is as long as it is the same replica louis vuitton uk as #8559 only all silver & 36CM size. None of the links that you sent would work for a picture. Yes silver or all diamond strap like #2836. I just do not want a black hardware. I really like the strap on #4129 in silver & 36mm. If it's not available then the strap on #8592 would work too. Give availability & price please in all silver , all diamond strap & 36cm size. It has diamonds on the strap around the bag & all around the flap? If so want to pay with a mastercard. Let me know how to proceed.

    I ordered these bags on 3rd September and it's 20th now. Please get back to me ASAP. You ask for a bank statement you know how much the replica louis vuitton handbags uk cost and if you check your bank you can see that you took much, there is no need for me to send you my bank statement. I tried placing an order last night for a cheap louis vuitton handbags uk with Black strap and flap, but not sure if the order or payment went through. I followed the payment procedure on your site and then got a screen saying it would take up to 20mins to receive a payment confirmation by email. It never came through. Did the replica louis vuitton handbags uk order place?